Information Security- what is right for me?

Information Security training courses

As you may know, the Information Security industry is divided into many different divisions. To name a few; network security, security audit, information systems management, penetration testing, with ethical hacking.

This provides opportunity as well as confusion for infosec professionals looking to advance their careers and those looking to get into this industry.

In this 4 part article, we hope to clear up what we consider three distinct career tracks within the infosec and CyberSecurity industry.


This being part 1, we will keep it short and provide a basic overview of the 3 career paths and what we consider the best certification needed to advance and excel along each of these separate paths. In a nutshell, the three tracks are Systems Auditing, Security Management and all-round Security Professional.


Systems Auditing
So what is systems auditing?
In simple terms, information systems auditing is the process of examining the management controls of the information technology and systems within an organisation to make sure people and processes are following the set guidelines to make the organisation and its information secure. Also know simply a computer audits.


What is Security Management?
In this case, we are actually referring to information security management. Information security management (ISM) describes controls that an organization needs to implement to ensure that it is sensibly managing the protection of information and information infrastructure assets against the risks of loss, misuse, disclosure or damage.


An All-Round Security professional?
This is not always straight forward but generally encompasses both technical and managerial elements of information security. On the technical side we have hands on network security knowledge and expertise while on the managerial side we have knowledge and expertise of the information security framework. Perhaps the best of both worlds!


In our next blog post we will discuss the best certification and learning for the information Systems Auditor career path. If you don’t want to wait – CLICK HERE – and look at the courses offerings to find what is best for you and your career.


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